Friday, 25 January 2013

Review: Revlon 'Just Bitten' Vs Rimmel '1000 Kisses'

Okay so I have a confession... I originally went to Boots to buy a Clinique chubby stick to try it out and do a review for you guys but the Boots I was in didn't stock any of the Clinique range so on the recommendation from friends I bought the following two items: 

I paid less for both of these than I would have paid for a chubby stick (retailing at £16). The Revlon Balm Stain was £7.99 and the Rimmel Lip Tint + Balm was £5.99. Not bad.

Now, I am not a lipstick girl at all. I can never get a constant colour across my lips, it always cracks and dries out my lips within seconds so these are a perfect alternative. The Revlon is just a one step balm whereas the Rimmel has two steps; the colour which is almost like a felt tip and then the balm which you apply over the top. Both keep the lips moisturised really well so top marks.

In terms of colour I can't really make a fair comparison. I bought 'Nothing but Nude' in the Rimmel and 'Crush' in the Revlon so naturally the Revlon has a much stronger colour. But I found that the Revlon lasted a lot longer and could withstand me using Vaseline every half an hour. I applied it at around 8am and it lasted until lunch. Its so easy to re-apply as well you can do it almost without looking. 

If I had to choose the winner I think it would be the Revlon (pictured below), even though it is slightly more expensive I think the quality is better. I would also be worried that the Rimmel wouldn't last very long once opened: because the colour end is like a felt tip I think it could very easily dry out.

Let me know what lip products you love x


  1. This is a really useful post :) I bought Revlon just bitten in Darling and find it lovely to use. I like the crayon shape because I'm a kid at heart haha!

    I may have to get some more just bitten once payday comes around!


    1. Definitely! I want to get a less full on colour, maybe a peach xx

  2. Thanks for the useful post. I can see what you mean about the "felt-tip" style applicator. I bought a Revlon Just Bitten one before and I found that after a while of not using it, the tip became rather dry! X x

  3. This lip colour looks gorgeous on you xx

  4. I love revelon lip stain, it looks so natural and beautiful!
    Meganne | The Vanity Theory

  5. Felt tip applicators for makeup is so finicky...I have had liner tips that dried up a little and then drags across eyelids...I hope this one isn't the same!


  6. I think the Revlon is definitely my favourite - I went out last night and one of my friends had it in 'Romantic' and it was gorgeous x

  7. revlon lip products are my fav. too.. it looks great on you :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  8. the Revlon balm stain looks amazing on you! <3 love the colour. thanks for sharing your review! :)

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  9. The Revlon balm stain looks gorgeous. Love the colour. Lovely post:) x

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  11. I love the Revlon one too! just bought it this week and it's so good!
    Ariana x