Monday, 25 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Every year I've eagerly read reviews of the shows that grace the cobbles of Somerset House during London Fashion Week and this year, not being far away at uni, Tara and I went along to the Weekend part to see the Twenty8Twelve catwalk show and do some shopping (of course). 

As you can tell my photos aren't the best so here are my favourite pieces from their SS13 collection that went down the catwalk:

Then it was off to check out the shopping...

And the Kinder Bueno massage bar...

So here's what I actually ended up buying, there were so many bargains - definitely worth visiting if you love designer.

Striped Top - Twenty8Twelve / Black Shirt - Twenty8Twelve /
Orange Shorts - Winter Kate

And the free goodie bag:

There were also lots of gorgeous men handing out free Diet Coke and Muller yoghurt's (odd on-the-go snacks I thought) all day. I would definitely recommend going. 
Did any of you go? x


  1. I went along on Friday, also saw the Twenty8Twelve show. Was such a great day with loads of free goodies.

    I did a post on it too :)

  2. I wish I'd gone to LFW maybe in the future I will!

  3. I usually go to this, gutted I missed it this year :( Looks like it was good day out! xo

  4. Your so lucky you got to go! I'm desperately going to try and get there next year!
    Love your blog and would love it if you checked out my new blog-

    Sophie x

  5. I have always wanted to go!! It looks amazing! Defo going to try and go next year:)

    I love your blog and would love it if you could follow me back!:)