Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lotte's Kitchen

On Friday I picked my sister up from school and we went to Lotte's Kitchen which opened in a nearby village in 2011. Now, I warn you... If there was ever a place to indulge your wildest Cath Kidston Fantasy this is it.

Run by Lotte Duncan, presenter chef and author, as soon as you walk into Lotte's Kitchen you are greeted with a warmth that only good baking can provide; the perfect place to come on a rainy day.

Only proper leaf tea is served and I had the most amazing cupcake - the sponge was perfect, the buttercream wasn't overpowering and in the middle was the nicest jam I have ever tasted, homemade of course. 

Lotte also sells all sorts of kitchen equipment and home accessories from homemade jams to scented candles so we couldn't resist having a quick browse and bought a bowl which I have absolutely no idea what to do with haha. It's going in my 'when I move out' cupboard. 

I would definitely recommend coming here, everything is perfect from start to finish.

Website and info here.

P.S. totally gave in and bought the Cargo bed set from my last post. x


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  2. What a beautiful place! I've now just gone to check out that bedding and did you have to show me?! :p

    I'm a new follower and can't wait to read some more of your posts!
    // jade by the sea

  3. Ahhhh the cuteness!! Now you've made me crave a cupcake!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, you have yourself a new follower :) X


  4. This looks like such a lovely quaint little place! I love eating cakes and drinking tea in cafes like this because it just feels like a constant tea party!

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments :) checking out all your blogs xxx

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