Monday, 4 March 2013

Birthday Round-Up

I haven't done a round up before but as it was my birthday last Thursday I thought I'd treat you all! Turning 22 will never be as exciting as being 21 and I was feeling suitably bah humbug about the whole event. I decided not to do anything big to celebrate as being sort of in-between houses lack of space/things to do is an issue. 

This is the first birthday I have ever had to work (yawn) but my Mum surprised me by taking me out to lunch at The Dartmouth Arms and bringing me a few presents. I also got flowers delivered to work which was exciting!

On Friday I finally got my hair cut! I had about 6 inches off which is taking some getting used to but at least my birds nest is now slightly under control. I also went shopping with one of my uni housemates Sarah and treated myself to the comfiest heels I have ever worn!

One of the perks about having a huge family is that birthdays tend to go on and on. I actually started the celebrations over a week ago when I went to see my Dad, siblings and Grandma. This weekend was off to Birmingham again to see my boyfriend (kudos to him for the Zara bag and cake!) and I've still got family to see next weekend. 

On Saturday night the boy and I went to Edmunds Lounge Bar for dinner which was nice, but slightly overpriced - we'd been to their sister restaurant before, The Rectory and that was a lot nicer. However cocktails were only £4.95 and they did an Elderflower Gin & Tonic so you can't really go wrong! 

Sunday I saw another uni friend Rachel at The Overstone Arms which we chose purely because it was in the middle of where we both were. It was nice, a cheap and cheerful Sunday lunch. Then back home to London to apply for yet more jobs, so all in all a pretty hectic weekend.

What did you all get up to? x

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  1. Those cobalt blue new look heels are gorgeous x

  2. Those blue heels are gorgeous:) x