Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Have you ever been to paradise? I have. The Gili Islands are three islands (Air, Meno and Trawangan) nestled just off the coast of Lombok. There's no traffic on Gili T and you can walk all the way round this perfectly tranquil island in under two hours. I am currently sitting by the pool at The Pearl of Trawagan (unfortunately not where we are staying) munching on a feta and black olive quesadilla.

After a fairly terrifying boat journey from Bali our first two nights on Gili T were spent at Gili Nyepi, a collection of small bungalows run by a woman called Denise from Holland. I cannot sing enough praises about this place - incredible value for money and the staff are so lovely, helpful and honest.

We've spent 5 days on this incredible island, snorkelling, cycling and sunbathing and went to some pretty incredible beach parties. 

Ciao for now amigos. x

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  1. So jealous! The Gili island looks absolutely beautiful, you lucky girl!

    Just discovered your blog, it's great :)