Wednesday, 12 June 2013


On Sunday we flew from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore for a few days before heading to Malaysia. We'd been looking forward to Singapore as a chance to recuperate a bit and feel a bit more in touch with the rest of the world.

As we had so little time in the city we became proper tourists for the day and blasted round the city being snap happy - Becca and Kate had both been to Singapore before so they were our tour guides. We ate the most incredible food in Little India and I finally bought one of those strings of stuffed elephants with the bells. In the afternoon we browsed all the shopping malls on Orchard Road (some serious restraint was shown, a particular Celine bag was calling my name - I think that could be my first payday treat when I land that incredible job). 

Both our evenings we spent in Clarke Quay - as it was a Sunday and Monday night places weren't that busy but the bars still had an atmosphere. 

I wish we'd managed to make it up Marina Bay Sands and night because the views would have been stunning but we didn't have time - the huge boat stretched across the top of the three towers is still very impressive in the day time.

Becca and Kate flew back to the UK on Tuesday evening and Kat and I caught a bus to Melaka in Malaysia. I'm halfway through my trip now and can't believe it's going so quickly! These next three weeks are going to fly by. xx


  1. so nice:) you must have had a blast!

  2. Looks and souds like you had a fab time! Love the blog too. Xx