Friday, 12 July 2013

Chiang Mai, Thailand

To save time we decided to fly from Phuket (a 2 hour boat journey from Phi Phi) to Chiang Mai, a journey that would have taken us 24 hours by bus. Our first day was spent exploring the Old Town, in the morning we went to Wat Phra Singh and ended up having a long conversation with some young monks, helping them improve their English and in return they taught us some Thai which was just amazing, and in the afternoon we sought out a spa and pampered ourselves until it was time to head to the night market for some well deserved shopping.

The next day, and I still feel so excited typing this, we went to the Elephant Nature Park. Not one of those slightly dubious elephant riding park but a proper sanctuary for abused elephants. We spent the morning feeding and getting to know some of the elephants and after an incredible buffet lunch it was bath time which was so much fun and we all ended up being completely soaked. An absolute bonus as well, there was a new arrival last month and I have so many photos of the baby elephant I want to show you!

It was such an incredible day and worth every penny - don't be put off by the slightly amateur-looking website! x 

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  1. Wow looks amazing! What an incredible experience!