Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Weekend In The City

After a lovely relaxing weekend in Bristol, last weekend myself and some friends made the hop across the pond (and then a bit further) to Germany. I've been to Germany once before to a Christmas market when I was about 11 so was excited to go back. It's one of those countries I think as Brits undervalue - yes it doesn't have the beaches but it's cities are amazing, whatever your scene. 

We started the weekend (on Thursday) in Hamburg and got straight on the German beers. Lots of them come in these really cool clip bottles (like Kilner jars). I tried to save a few of the lovely blue ones but I lost them along the way. Friday we spent the day sight-seeing like typical tourists and even found a fairground in the evening to pre-drink at before heading to our friends DJ set at Stellwerk.

Saturday we took a four hour bus ride to Berlin. Berlin is an absolutely crazy city, so many parties in abandoned warehouses. We also had to take the opportunity to go and see the Berlin Wall - there was a lot more left of it than I thought there would be. On the Sunday we went to an amazing flea market, there was so much I wanted to buy but having to stick to hand luggage meant I had to keep my purse in my bag! 

If you ever get the chance to go to Germany you really should! x

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  1. great snaps looks like you've had a blast :)