Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I've mentioned before, they are a brand that I absolutely love. They operate as a marketplace, providing a platform for over 3000 small, creative UK businesses to sell their products. You can find so many unique and quirky items on the site from personalised wine stoppers to a cow that's actually a cupboard. I was asked to do a review for them and so chose this watch by Olivia Burton (c/o Kiki's). I picked it because I had been after a new watch for ages: I wanted something classic and simple but a littler different. I love the large, rose gold face and soft leather strap. There's loads of holes as well so if you have slim wrists like me it still fits well and isn't at all uncomfortable. 

There are over 100,000 products listed on so your guarenteed to find something for yourself and for everyone else. There is a distinct possibility I am going to do all my christmas shopping on this site.

Let me know if you stop by. x

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  1. Gorgeous watch! Love finding unique pieces on that website - especially for birthdays/Xmas presents :) x