Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lust List: Recipe Inspiration

My name is Sophie, and I'm a bookaholic. Cookbooks to be precise. I have over 30, including 6 Jamie Oliver's and 8 of the BBC Good Food mini series, and am ever expanding the collection (most recently with The Little Book of Lunch by Caroline Craig and Sophie Missing). It's just something about the glossy pages and incredible photography, I just can't get enough. Here's what's on my wishlist at the moment:

The Art of Eating Well - Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley

The Art of Eating Well is packed full of sweet and savoury recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a few drinks and snacks in between. All the recipes focus on 'clean eating', free from gluten, grain and refined sugar. The Hemsley sisters believe by focusing on nutrient rich, organic foods you can reset your body and banish cravings, changing the way you feel for the better. I've never been one to focus on gluten or sugar-free meals but when they look as mouthwatering as this I can't wait to get stuck in!

Death by Burrito - Shay Ola

Shay Ola is the undisputed king of Mexican street food. Based in Hoxton, under the guise of the Rebel Dining Society, he creates burritos and tacos with filings more adventurous that the standard meat, rice, beans, guac combos alongside some stunning cocktails. This book shows you how to show to create the perfect mexican at home - and not a tex-mex selection in sight!  

Fast, Fresh and Easy Food - Lorraine Pascale

I've come late to the Lorraine Pascale party. This is the model-come-chef's third book that makes decadent dishes like chocolate mousse with raspberries and Moroccan pesto fish with caramelised onion look effortless. Sign me up.

The Islands of Greece - Rebecca Seal

Mediterranean, specifically Greek, is without a doubt my favourite cuisine but it's not something I've ever attempted at home. This book contains all the classics: calamari, grilled aubergines and polenta cake. Simple and delicious photography, this book has me drooling at the first recipe. 

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