Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's Spring again! (No really, I promise you) I know its still snowing in parts of the country but with S/S collections filling Topshop, H&M and Zara I can't help of dreaming of lazy summer days - long BBQs, pub lunches and tea dresses....

But before we get too carried away the ritual task of Spring cleaning must be done. Nooo I hear you cry but don't worry, it's not all scrubbing and polishing it's also about sorting through things and getting rid of clutter. I like to think it can give you time to take stock of everything and potentially redefine your life, and most definitely your wardrobe.

Firstly start with the actual cleaning: crack open the windows, hoover under the bed and invest in a pack of baby wipes, they are great for cleaning those tea rings off chest of drawers. Don't forget to attack those skirting boards, you'll be amazed at how sparkling they can look. If you've found your window sill has got too stained with dirt/mould (a massive problem I had at uni) go to B&Q and get some testers - they're about £3.50 and one pot will last you forever if you're just repainting window sills and shelves.

Then its on to the fun part, your wardrobe: my rule is if you haven't worn it in six months, ditch it (with the exception of Christmas jumpers, summer dresses and bikinis *sigh*). If you're like me and have a small room - be ruthless. I hate standing in front of my wardrobe and not being able to find anything to wear because I can't see anything. Under-bed storage is a godsend - pack away thick jumpers and other bits and pieces with these wicker baskets from Dunelm Mill and Sainsburys.

When you've sorted the stuff that you don't want organise a clothes swap with friends, hand things down to younger (or up to older) sisters, or stick everything on eBay. It's so easy, and although you have to give a percentage of what you make to eBay (I think its 10%) you can make quite a bit of money, within reason. I have loads of stuff listed at the moment so please click here, or take a look via the 'E' button on the right and forgive the odd name. 

You can take the same approach with your make up and beauty products. If you've forgotten about it you clearly don't need it, so throw away all those half finished eye liners and eye shadows, they're probably not very hygienic either. Also, if you don't already give your brushes a good wash - you'll be surprised at the difference it makes. I use baby shampoo. Today I bought a couple of new baskets to organise a bit better, one for my perfumes and one for the lotions and potions I use everyday (here). I also have a box under my bed for stuff I haven't got round to using yet. 

So, I hope you've enjoyed the little tour of my room - If you need any more inspiration please head on over to my Pinterest. x

Ohhh PS. today I reached 100 GFC followers and have had over 3000 hits so just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who read and follow my blog. It makes this all very exciting. Why don't you all treat yourselves to some Epic Hot Chocolate, with extra marshmellows.. go onnn.


  1. well it definitely looks much neater!

    xx Domenic from STYLEHUNTINGCLUB

  2. Love this post! You have some really great tips especially with the baby wipes. Those storage boxes are lovely too!

    Hannah xx

  3. Thanks Hannah! They're really cheap too - £2.99-£5.99 depending on what size you want :) xx